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Welcome to Kentucky Paddle  Adventure

Deep in the rugged hills of the Daniel Boone National Forest, is the amazing Red River Gorge!  Your Red River journey winds past towering cliffs, deep forest and abundant wildlife.  Swimming holes and giant rocks abound along the way.  A canoe or kayak trip on the Red River is an adventure of a lifetime.

Located just outside of Richmond Ky., this scenic lake is ideal for paddleing and fishing.  It has an amazing variety of wildlife and yet it is surrounded by jogging trails and a golf course.  Open weekends and holidays until Labor Day. For information or reservations call 859-310-4639 or alternate number (606)-618-0299, between 9am and 6pm, or email us at adventure@kypaddle.com

Nestled away at Natural Bridge State Park is a hidden beauty called Mill Creek Lake.  This gorgeous lake offers a calm, serene paddle, making it perfect for begginers, fishing, and families with smaller children.  Surrounded by majestic cliffs and scenic forests, Mill Creek Lake is a memorable expiriance. Open Friday-Sunday until Labor Day.  Call 859-300-1330 or alternate number 606-618-0299, between 9am and  6pm, or email us at adventure@kypaddle.com

Kentucky Paddle Adventure

Call for Reservations

Red River Gorge:   (606) 663-1012

Mill Creek:  (859) 300-1330

Lake Reba (859) 310-4693

Alternate # for Mill Creek and Lake Reba

(606) 618-0299



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